Don’t forget Tuesday!

Our first meeting is just around the corner: Tuesday 11/14 at 7pm at the Community Library of DeWitt and Jamesville. The RSVP list is filling up nicely, but wouldn’t be great to have an overflow on our first meeting?!

Remember, there will be opportunities to tell a story if you’re a storyteller (there’s still room), plenty of opportunities to hear a story (the list of tellers keeps growing), and, for the extra special treat, the chance to help launch CNY’s own storytelling “guild.”

Please drop by the event page to register, just so we can keep attendance expectations current. If you call the library, they probably won’t know about us this month, as we aren’t one of their “official” programs – yet! We’re already in talks about making this group official soon – but the better the turnout, the sooner that will happen!

Thanks again for your interest, and even more for showing up!

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